Balcony Gardening

Balcony Gardening on a patio with a lush harvest

Balcony Gardening is a wonderful solution for those families living in apartments or small homes without an area to plant vegetables in. Sometimes, we just need to create something "different" to get our kids motivated and excited about doing something.

It's pretty easy today to get some wood and plywood to create a small little garden area on a balcony. Today's modern eCommerce will allow you to either buy a box or 2 to garden in, or you can even have lumber, dirt and seeds delivered to your door - even if on the 22nd floor of an apartment building or condo!

Nice sized wooden garden box for gardening
Small 2 tier planter

Like anything in life, it will take some time and effort to put this all together and get seeds actually planted. However, think of the excitement you can create with your children as they help you - and your kids' really need to actually participate in this! Kinda like ownership.

Every morning they can look out on the patio or go out on the patio and see what seeds are coming up, how they look as they grow from a stem to two leaves and then into actual visible food!

Garden box elevated with legs and a plastic cover over it to shield it from cold
Planting in a tier on a wall

Balcony Gardening Pictures

These various pictures are just to stimulate their minds as to what can be built or purchased for that balcony gardening of theirs! Even a simple box can be more than enough to get them going. A great source for ideas, even if you don't purchase from them - go to Gardeners.

Young girl gardening on her balcony and showing tomatoes coming ripe on the vine

Aside from teaching your children about food and growing it, this also is a great opportunity to help them learn responsibility and failures. Not every seed will take, not every plant will produce food. This will also help them learn the important life lesson of following thru and being accountable to what they've created. Gardening requires some consistent work - be it weeding, watering, pruning, etc.

As you teach this to your kids, let them take over and be "in charge" of it. You'll still need to supervise them, but let them learn some valuable life lessons about staying with a project

Best of all, when the garden starts to actually show the entire process and real food is the result, they'll also have a much better understanding and value towards growing real food.

Perhaps you'll be lucky enough to see some bees coming to your plants or flowers and watch them pollinating as they check out your garden. Read about Bees Help Plants Pollinate

Best of all, it will inspire them when they pull that carrot out of the ground or that tomato off the vine and taste what a real tomato should taste like! The look of accomplishment on their faces will really be priceless! Create excitement with them as the garden transitions from dirt to food.

Look outside or go out to the balcony with them and share your excitement as things visibly change in that little Balcony Gardening Box.