Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is a world-renowned chef and activist from the UK. With his charm and humor, he has been encouraging us to revive the lost art of cooking. His mission is to teach families about eating better and living healthier lives. He teaches cooking skills, helps schools to promote health, and has campaigned tirelessly to bring awareness to the epidemic of childhood obesity.

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Jamie is the winner of the 2010 TED prize for his compelling talk on childhood obesity. Watch it here.

Jamie Oliver And His Campaigns

Jamie Oliver has worked on many campaigns in the past years. There has been documentaries such as Jamie's School Dinners which was broadcast in Britain in 2005.  He attempted to improve the quality and nutritional value of a typical British school.  This goal ultimately led to a broader campaign called Feed Me Better, to improve meals throughout schools in Britain.

Jamie's Food Revolution:

Jamie's Food Revolution has impacted the world significantly. It was a  television series from March 2010 until the summer of 2011. The show featured Oliver as he attempted to help American society fight obesity by educating them in order to change their eating habits and live healthier and longer lives. With his lighthearted humor and kindness, he taught children in the schools and also made changes to school lunch programs.  In 2010 the show won an Emmy award for Outstanding Reality Program and was also nominated again in 2012.

Please go here to read an excellent article on changes that are taking place around the world.



One of Jamie's campaigns is called #AdEnough. It is bringing knowledge of the impact marketing and advertising has on children's choices of food and drink. As a result, the government in the UK is considering a 9 p.m. watershed on junk food across all the media kids see, which includes TV and online.


#HealthySponsorship campaign looks at how sports sponsorship could be used to encourage kids to have a healthier lifestyle.

Jamie's Ministry of Food:

Jamie's Ministry of Food is an 8-week course that focuses on instilling basic kitchen and food skills in a fun and engaging way. The program uses behavior change techniques and has shown to have significant positive effects on dietary behavior, food choice, and cooking.


Thank you for your dedication Jamie!  We are grateful for what you do and the imprint it will leave behind for generations.