Meet the leaders who are helping to create a generation of healthy children 

I want to introduce you to some well-respected leaders who have dedicated many hours of their lives, bringing awareness to the epidemic of childhood obesity. With their tireless efforts, they have changed the lives of many children through education of their families, peers, school boards, politicians, and more.

I am happy to acquaint you with extraordinary people who are leaders in their field and have a lot to offer us in terms of knowledge on how to fight childhood obesity. They approach the subject with lots of lighthearted humor and fun but also promote action with the impact of their words.

Most importantly, though, they are passionate about helping a generation of children develop skills and understand the importance of how to become healthy and fit, which will eventually transfer to adulthood.

Who Are These Passionate Leaders Creating Change?

Many people are stepping forward to help make healthy changes for children in the world. There are professionals in all fields, including health care, culinary arts, politics, teaching, and more. We are very grateful to them all. I want to introduce you to a few people recognized for their efforts.

Jamie Oliver:  Chef and activist from Britain. He has been campaigning tirelessly to ban unhealthy food in British schools and America to get children eating nutritious food instead. Jamie successfully showed them they could serve healthy, cost-efficient meals that kids enjoyed eating. Over the years, he has won awards, has television shows, documentaries, and written many cookbooks.  Click here to learn more about Jamie.

Stephen Ritz:  An educator in South Bronx, New York. He is the founder of Green Bronx Machine, which eventually developed into the National Health, Wellness, and Learning Center located at the school. Stephen has taught the importance of healthy eating to his students by creating an extensive indoor teaching farm. 

The US Botanic Gardens in Washington, DC, has a replica of his classroom. Across the United States and internationally, children are learning his curriculum. He has won many awards for his work. He is also the best selling author of his book "The Power of a Plant."  Click here to learn more about Stephen.